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A brief history

In 1991, after countless persistent arguments of some heads of departments of the university and with the support of the Ministry of Health, first 6 groups of residents from among the best graduates from 3 specialties (general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, traumatology and orthopedics) were formed .

The residency as a form of postgraduate training is enacted later in 1992, by Decision of the Ministry of Health, but funding is received only in 1994, according to Decision of the Government of the Republic of  Moldova no.502 of 15.07.1994. In October 1995 the Education Law (Article 28, par. 2) which says that "in medical education the postgraduate residency is required." is decreed. These two acts were decisive and laid the basis of residency training.

The need of founding the Faculty of Residency and internship has become an imperative of experience in preparing and conducting postgraduate work in residency, and by order of the Rector of SUMPh "Nicoae Testemitanu" of 01.11.2000 the faculty was founded.

At the beginning the duration of residency training was 2-3 years depending on specialization, since 2001 it has been possible to increase it up to 4 years in surgical residency and up to 5 years for neurosurgery. 6-month traineeships in different regions of the Republic are parts of integrated programs of study in residency.

Currently over 1600 people study in 39 residency specialties and 47 specialties of clinical internship of SUMPh “Nicolae Testemitanu”.